Mercury Retrograde!

Mercury went retrograde on Wednesday,  January 21.  You could think that your plans are falling apart.   You may feel that is easier to hide under the covers and wait for the three weeks to pass.  Not necessary!

You can actually use Mercury to your advantage.  Timing is everything and if you watch for opportunities (before, during and after) you can absolutely apply it to your daily planner.

While Mercury is retrograde, signing important papers is not a good idea.  If you do, an event will happen and the papers will be delayed. The (lawyer, doctor, etc.) didn’t get around to it because THEY had a crisis.  Everyone is on hold so don’t panic.  You could compare it to a Cosmic Double Dutch Competition.  Timing is everything!  Use the delays to your advantage.

Mercury goes retrograde at least three times a year.  Mercury rules messages, thoughts, and communication.  You can expect delays and more important, technology problems with your gadgets!

Just be patient.  You do not have to look at the calendar to see when it goes direct.  You will feel things easing up.  For those who have to know, that date is on February 11!

It is always a good idea to wait a couple of days past the direct motion.  Mercury is still in storm.

Stay warm!

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Another Super Moon

♥ Many things are taking place at this time and is probably driving many individuals crazy.  It is a time of reflecting and looking from the past in order to make things better for the future.  It is a time to let things go after many years of not paying attention to all the signs.

Jupiter has changed signs and is now in Leo.  That is another signature for letting go and become more independent. Stand up and be counted.  The crutches used in the past will not work any longer.  You could have thrown them away 7 years ago.  Everyone has to be able to think about what they need to do about their goals and aspirations.  It is a time to make changes but to grow up and take responsibility.

Since the beginning of this writing, Jupiter has moved along and is in a conjunction with Venus.  Many changes are happening to individuals and also on a global level. There will be more small wars to break out and it could lead to many more.  These can be with family and friends as well as countries.

What goes around comes around.  Think twice before causing anyone any anguish!  What you have done can come out into the open.  These things usually do and in a surprising way.

The changes that are coming need to come from within.  If each person examines their own motives, they may find more peace than they ever hoped for.  It is called wisdom. Some people find wisdom sooner than later.  That is a good ending for another Super Moon!

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2013 Coming to a Close

As the old year comes to  a close, 2014 is around the corner and there are things that we need to remember.  There are lessons  to be learned and you can bet they are karmic.

The lessons throughout this year have been difficult. Many have learned but there is a possibility that  some have not.  This is a tough one but  you need to” bless it, pass it and move on.”

You can bet there will be surprises throughout the year and they will continue for the next several months.  There is a square between Mars and Pluto and  it would be wise to be careful of accidents and not to take safety for granted.  You need to be proactive.  There are several planets in Capricorn  that will bring about  difficult lessons if  but you need to  learn the teachings.  This will happen with personal planets and also on a global basis.  Politics will also be back in the news.

We are coming up to a New Moon very soon and you can expect new beginnings.  Many will change jobs and find themselves in a different place, living in a different house, and possibly in a different state.  Things happen for a reason and

Emotions will be on edge for many people but that is sometimes the catalyst that gets people going.  These reactions can take place out of fear, anger or emotions  not  identified because of denial.

At any rate, time marches on and the parade passes by whether you have a good place to watch from or not.  We will just need to raise our vibrations and look at our problems from a different angle!




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Partial Lunar Eclipse 5 Scorpio 51

                                                 Partial Lunar Eclipse

Many planets are now leaving the sign of  Aries and headed for Taurus.   While Mercury is making a sojourn toward Uranus, expect surprises and interesting outcomes around the coming week.  Many things that have not been dealt with will surprise everyone when it does.  This particular aspect is nothing that you did or did not do but it will bring others back into the picture.  Let go of the past and move forward.  The time is now!

You may relocate and find another job in a different setting.  This is because you are guided to do something different. What you were doing does not work any longer.  If you have been doing the same thing for a very long time, the challenge is do something different.   If you don’t change, you will be forced to change.  Don’t fight this tidal wave.

The partial eclipse is going to be a mover and a shaker.  Although by itself, it may not mean a lot,  but the Pluto/Uranus aspects will bring about changes that have been on the back burner for quite a long time.  It will bring personal gains to many.  As the  beautiful spring weather is enjoyed by the east coast, you can also watch the west coast for the opposite changes.

Saturn is opposing Uranus and it could necessitate a global change or bring about a watchful eye of caution.  There is caution but don’t forget the changes that are within.  Pay close attention to dreams and watch the signs along the way.  Take “quiet time” and listen to nature.  You personal information may be right in front of you!

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Leo Full Moon on January 26

With the Full Moon in Leo, this is the time for balance within.  If there are habits that you need to break or things that you need to change, this is the best time to do it.  If you want to get the sweets out of your system, start now because the holidays are over and this is your time to shine!

Many changes have taken place since the December shadows have turned the corner. We are now in the birthing of a new dawn.  This is the time where we can enjoy the many aspects of Jupiter.  The positive procession has begun and we need to utilize the energies and watch things become unveiled.

This is the time to finish up old projects in your life and move on to calmer waters.  There is always a time for everything and this is the time for finishing.  Whatever it is, let go.  You should feel a sigh of relief because the January thaw will be leaving and the February sun will shine brightly. The Earth will give up her frozen prisoners and relinquish them for spring flowers.  The earth will begin to bloom once again and release her hostages because they can’t be held back.

Get rid of the old and bring on the much needed balance of the unconsciousness and proceed into the warm rays of the sun.  As January ends, you will see hope once again and those who have not had any patience will have to take the back seat and continue to wait again for a better time.

When there are severe changes in the weather, you can be sure that there will be changes in relationships.  What is no longer necessary will be gone.  Think about relationships that you have had in your life.  If this is the time for them to go, pay attention because they will vanish without any warning.  Don’t try to hang onto something that needs to be gone.  Make room for the new.  It is not that you are uncaring  but the time for your growth has changed and theirs have too.  Your paths are leading to different journeys.

Many individuals will have friends come and go.  Sometimes things will happen and we won’t understand why it does.  We may miss it entirely and it will pass by without an issue.  Whichever way it plays out, remember it is for your highest good.

We are upon that season and changes are coming.  We can welcome the changes, or try to hold them back.  When we do that, we keep ourselves from new and exciting experiences from happening.  How do we grow if we just stay within our comfort zone?

Are you ready for bigger and better or will you contend with the same?

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2013 Eclipse Dates

April 25

Partial Lunar Eclipse at 4:07 P.M. EST  5 Scorpio 51

May 9

Annular Solar Eclipse at 10:55 P.M. EST 19 Taurus 33

May 25

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse at 12:10 A.M. EST 3 Sagittarius 58

October 18

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse at 7:50 P.M. 25 Aries 51

November 3

Total Solar Eclipse at 7:46 A.M. EST  11 Scorpio 16


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The Galactic Alignment is Almost Here!

The day that we have waited for is just a few weeks away.  It will take place on the Winter Solstice.  This particular alignment has been synonymous with the end of days.  December 21 is the date where the Mayan Calendar is ushering in a change which has come to the end of a 26,000 year cycle.  That sounds pretty heavy.  It will be powerful but that is because it will not only effect our universe but our inner core.

What does this mean for us?  The Winter Solstice is the longest day of the year and the darkest.  Remember your mythology and what happens to Hades, god of the underworld and Persephone?  Persephone was the daughter of Demeter and Zeus.  Because she ate 6 pomegranate seeds she was only allowed to stay on the earth during the time of growth and blossoms and had to go underground during the winter because she ate things of the dead.  Things seem lifeless and dull because the earth was changing but it was a time when things  became dormant.  During this time, things are placed in a deep sleep and it is the time of deep reflection.  This is what happened to Persephone.

With this change upon us, it is also a time of awareness.  People will begin to think of what they are doing and where they are heading.  There will be a shift in consciousness and the goal is to be of “one mind.”  There are many things in the mix and while some are anticipating the worse, it will be amazing to see  it will be just the opposite.  No matter what happens, some people will fight change.

You will hear from people from the past and it will appear that they want to make amends or reintroduce themselves back to your life.  This could have already happened this weekend.  Mercury is direct and out of storm.  Expect introductions to your past.

If you remember Frodo and the gang from the movie,  The Return of the King, everything looked pretty hopeless and the audience felt hope and danger at the same time.  The ring, called “precious“, was chased all throughout the different movies because of the reasons that we all have met or experienced.  Greed, power, and control are the three, not so wise components of fear which lies underneath.  These three are always found lurking about because of the fear of not having enough, not being enough and poor self esteem.    In Return of the King, there was  fear but victory overpowered every faulty error and human compassion, and strength won out.  The king won his rightful place, his best lady became his queen and she offered the supreme sacrifice of herself so that he may find his rightful place.  Isn’t it interesting that another sequel is coming out this week about the Fellowship?

Action is what counts now but it is the action of doing the right thing.  There are those who will be opposed to change but it is inevitable.  Things can not go on as is and not doing anything will not be an option. We will have to make decisions for ourselves and not act out of fear.  Fear will be the fate of those who are not hopeful and they will give up to easy.  Fear is felt when hope is not part of the equation.

December 21, 2012 is the time of tremendous change and everyone will feel it.  This is also the time where we will have an opportunity of show forth light in the darkness that that is embedded within the Galactic Center.  The light within all can be the light that is necessary for a spiritual shift in consciousness. We are at the turning point where the candle is bright and it will not go out because of our thinking.  It will be on an individual level and then you will see the light continue to get stronger because of everyone aligning their energies and focusing on a higher realm.  Eradicating fear and emptiness will seem difficult but it can be rewarding and take us all to another level.

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Powerful Full Moon This Weekend!

Full Moons are depicted as the sun and moon waving to each other from across the sky and might indicate some events or drama.  This one is a little of both but much more powerful.  It will be warrior like and up in your personal face. There are things that will manifest because it is the beginning of the new, and the end of old and outdated structures.  Don’t worry, this one will be hard to miss.  Structures that we have known and loved will be going to the wayside.

The psychologist, Carl G. Jung spoke of the dark side, or shadow side of each individual.  This full moon suggests that we have to peer at this dark side, or shadow side, and deal with energies that have been tabled for many years.  Issues that we have not dealt with, or relationships that have not had closure, will be coming home. If we don’t take care of our own issues, the cosmic forces will do it for us. Those who are purposely hurting others will be hurt themselves.

Unfinished business has to be dealt with on an individual basis and will trickle into our  social contacts. Instead of blaming others and pointing the finger, we will have to heal ourselves first, and then it will shine forth.  An analogy would be carrying a flashlight and covering the top, withholding the light.  In actuality, we are withholding our own essence  of light.  Spiritual healing is necessary.  The hurt and anger has been carried around long enough.  It is about time to call it what it is and let it go. Forgiveness is necessary for the grudges and hard-feelings to disappear.  Too much baggage really does cost!  Not showing our own light and giving to others is actually hurting ourselves.

The full moon has the flavor of an Aries moon and the Libra sun. This is a recipe for core changes within and outside ourselves.   We are essentially looking at cardinal signs within relationships that we know and those that are yet to come. Have we learned anything? There is a balance between Libra and Mars and all relationships are karmic  as well as transformational. Some lessons are easier to learn than others.  It will be going through a birthing that will have pain. Ladies and gentlemen, think of the end result!

  Mars is the god of war so things will not remain the same.  Change is constant and within the next few months, you will be able to see it on a global level. Everyone will feel the shift and you won’t be able to ignore it.  There are powerful drives that will come to pass and you will have to investigate your own origins.  You will either accept it or reject it.  The choice is yours.  Fighting change usually is more difficult because events will come up front and personal.  They will start there.

A few months ago I mentioned how the feminine power will come to the forefront and by fall you would be able to connect the dots.  The feminine roles will be revealed within the next few weeks and you will have names attached to the faces. There has to be a balance of these masculine and feminine energies.

For the next few months there is an opportunity for transformational healing.  It old way will not continue and the forces of nature will not allow it.  Everyone needs to take care of their own responsibilities and not blame anyone else.  This is more difficult than what you think. Emotional work is really difficult if it is done in a therapeutic manner.

In order to help others you will need  to show them how to empower themselves. Individuals will show up in your lives for you to take care of business. It can’t be kept and only used for individual purposes.  If you do, it will leave you just as it found you and will be difficult to make any change for the good.  It is never too late, but the timing is now.  Changes will be out of this world!



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Pluto Come Home!

While sitting at my desk last evening I had a thought concerning Pluto and I ran with the idea of this planet making a comeback.  I completed an astrological chart for the discovery of Pluto,  February 18, 1930, because I wanted to see the process of what was going on at the time. There had to be a connection to a time when it was discovered to when it was demoted.  If we learn anything about history, we know that there are common threads that always reach into the future from the past.  It is all there to help with the present.

In 1930, when it was called planet X, there was a contest to name the planet.  An 11 year old girl from  England named Venetia Burney Phair gave Pluto its name. Her grandfather was a retired librarian who had many friends who were astronomers.  The family discussed the name at the table and she was thinking about the mythology that went along with the strength of the character.

Of all the names that were thought of by the astronomers, no one had come up with the name of Pluto.  It was ideal and that is exactly what happened.  Ironically, on her 89th birthday, she actually viewed this magnificent planet for the first time through a telescope. Synchronicity at it’s finest took over.

The world is full of these oddities but was it that odd?  I have always questioned if Pluto was named for the dog Pluto, or the dog named for the planet.  Disney’s Pluto came into effect in 1930.  How powerful is that?

From what I saw in the chart, I know that there is going to be a comeback. It could be a meeting revisited or coming back to the table.  When Pluto was discovered the actual placement was 17 Cancer 46 RX. (retrograde)  I thought how interesting because of the location and also in that sign of Cancer.  (Home, apple pie, mother, the American dream, stock market crash, very bad economy, chaos)  Another reason is that it was retrograde.  That means it will eventually have a direct motion.  The moon was 12 Scorpio 22.  I thought that these particular numbers were so significant, 12  and 22 . It made sense to me.  When I progressed it to the date that it was demoted, it was in the exact degree and minute and sign when it was discovered.…………….only direct in nature!  It is a matter of time before there will be another meeting of scientists and there will be more than 400 who are at the meeting to actually make a decision.  When you think of the scientists that are out there, more than 10,000, it is interesting how the 400 and something actually made that decision.  The majority did not rule in this decision.

Not only are astrologers upset by this demotion but there are school children everywhere who can’t understand why the god of the underworld from mythology’s viewpoint was cast into darkness and kept underground without any light.  Only time will tell the outcome of a reduced planet who was left out in the cold to come back from the cold but this time stronger.

Another interesting piece of this information are the events coming up for 2013.  It seems that when Pluto is 9 or 10 degrees of any sign, it becomes a significant change in historical events.  I will have more on this in the coming weeks.

We can be sure to look back into the historical archives and we will see how powerful the placement of Pluto has been in the past and how active it will become in the future.  We can look to the beginning of January of 2013 to see how structures will change and only our deepest fears can possibly become a reality.  Things that have been too fragile will take a back seat and only the strongest and bravest ideas will survive.  It will be the survival of the fittest.


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Declaration Progressed!

When we think about what we have won, we need to ask ourselves why we wanted to win it in the first place.   Many things have changed over the course of the last 200 years or more.  Either we need to fix our way of thinking or we will be forced to change it and it won’t be our decision.  Mass consciousness will need to focus in the direction of a united force.  It can’t be any other way.

There are at least 10 different charts that we could focus on for the Declaration of American Independence.  As of right now, there are issues that are very important that we need to consider.  I do believe that the amount of changes that are forthcoming are changes that we really need to prepare for.  These are monumental at best.

One fact is that there are points in the Declaration of American Independence that will be challenged within the next few months.  There will be those who want to dispute these interpretations of what was in place during the late 1700’s.  They will want to interpret these to suit their endeavors and they will appear to make good arguments.  They are just arguments and not proving anything.  These challenges will be coming from those wanting to put an end to freedom and choice, but the reasons are still unfounded.

Structures are changing in every walk of life and they are going to be huge.  What had seemed to be icons within American History will now be faced with obstacles. These will be ideals that we will  question ourselves and will ask what we really believe.  This is not anything new because it has always been about choices.  These choices will  be problematic because there are the issues of power, greed and control!  Is it the choice of humanity or a choice of a few?

The progressed chart shows that there are problems coming but they do not have to be categorized  as problematic. The Libra moon on the third will be showing communication in a different sort of way.  We need to be careful because it could end up becoming the iron fist in a velvet glove.  Communication will be different in every sense of the word.  You might say that when Pluto was demoted, things were  beginning to change.  These started from the depths of our inner consciousness and began working its way to our daily thinking.  These changes will occur from the deepest ocean to outer space.  There are unexplored parts of this universe that will be discovered and science will have breakthroughs that are outstanding. They will continue. Albert Einstein said that there would be a marriage between science and religion and that would be the purest test of the truth.

The natal moon is on the 7th cusp which shows that we are at the crossroads on change.  Our change in communication began with the internet and that was an explosion within itself.  Where were you in the 80’s?

The communication that is coming now is one that can only be out of this world.  We have more wires and technology that depicts the entire planet in a giant spider’s web. In the 70’s, Carl Sagan sent information out into space because he felt that there would be a sign or signals coming from a different galaxy.  I do believe that he was on to something.  It seems as though we are being reminded of this daily.

Pluto in Capricorn will be showing the changes coming and that we need to become quick studies. We can try not to change but something will make us change.  Pluto will never leave us as it found us.  Although it has been demoted, the energy and mythology of Pluto will always be with us.  We need to look at what we want and the means of how we expect to get it.  If it is to knock someone out of the ball park to get what we want, and hurt someone else,  someone else will be a better pitcher and knock us out……. period!

We should expect surprises coming around November.  I have mentioned in prior articles that there will be a female to emerge and that there was going to be a champion for the United States.  Only time will tell how this will end.  “A house divided against itself can not stand.”

I have studied this chart and have marveled at how many presidents had degrees in their own natal charts around the 27th and 28th degree of Aquarius.  That is the moon in the chart of 1776.  It all goes together and falls out accordingly. There are those who will help and there are those who only think about it.  You can expect action around that degree.  It was there during 911!

The Mayan Calendar ends in December of this year.  Our schema will change from what we have known to be  the facts.  We will have the opportunity to see these changes.  These changes have been taking place this entire year.   They will not start in December and they will definitely not end there.  There will be questions that we will have to answer.  We have to understand that it is  our intent.  It has always been that and it will continue to be.  If we do what is right and think about our intent, we can safely say that we have worked within the framework of our Declaration of American Independence.  It is worth fighting for.


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