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Neptune goes into Pisces

Neptune goes into Pisces again on February 4, 2012                                                       I think it is safe to say … Continue reading

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Strength Lies in Numbers

If you have listened to the news this week, many women have come forth in the media and they are holding their own ground.  We have heard news about a female governor discussing politics with the President, and our Secretary of State … Continue reading

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Mars Goes Retrograde This Week!

Mars goes Retrograde this week.  Look out Gentlemen! This is usually an indicator of female strength.  Many strong women come to the front and take the lead.  It is a time when politics get another breath of fresh air. This … Continue reading

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A Lunar Eclipse took place on December 10, 2011. I am sure many of you felt it.  It was a  kicker, and especially if your birthday fell a few days before or after this eclipse.   There are several things that are happening at this … Continue reading

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Deborah Carvelli’s Predictions As Reported in The Roanoker Magazine December 2007

Looking At The Crystal Ball:  The Next 30 Years   By David Witkege From the fantastic to the mundane, local psychic, Debbie Carvelli predicted Roanoke future for the next three decades. Somebody in your family, Uncle Larry, Cousin Amy, your dad, … Continue reading

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