2013 Coming to a Close

As the old year comes to  a close, 2014 is around the corner and there are things that we need to remember.  There are lessons  to be learned and you can bet they are karmic.

The lessons throughout this year have been difficult. Many have learned but there is a possibility that  some have not.  This is a tough one but  you need to” bless it, pass it and move on.”

You can bet there will be surprises throughout the year and they will continue for the next several months.  There is a square between Mars and Pluto and  it would be wise to be careful of accidents and not to take safety for granted.  You need to be proactive.  There are several planets in Capricorn  that will bring about  difficult lessons if  but you need to  learn the teachings.  This will happen with personal planets and also on a global basis.  Politics will also be back in the news.

We are coming up to a New Moon very soon and you can expect new beginnings.  Many will change jobs and find themselves in a different place, living in a different house, and possibly in a different state.  Things happen for a reason and

Emotions will be on edge for many people but that is sometimes the catalyst that gets people going.  These reactions can take place out of fear, anger or emotions  not  identified because of denial.

At any rate, time marches on and the parade passes by whether you have a good place to watch from or not.  We will just need to raise our vibrations and look at our problems from a different angle!




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