Another Super Moon

♥ Many things are taking place at this time and is probably driving many individuals crazy.  It is a time of reflecting and looking from the past in order to make things better for the future.  It is a time to let things go after many years of not paying attention to all the signs.

Jupiter has changed signs and is now in Leo.  That is another signature for letting go and become more independent. Stand up and be counted.  The crutches used in the past will not work any longer.  You could have thrown them away 7 years ago.  Everyone has to be able to think about what they need to do about their goals and aspirations.  It is a time to make changes but to grow up and take responsibility.

Since the beginning of this writing, Jupiter has moved along and is in a conjunction with Venus.  Many changes are happening to individuals and also on a global level. There will be more small wars to break out and it could lead to many more.  These can be with family and friends as well as countries.

What goes around comes around.  Think twice before causing anyone any anguish!  What you have done can come out into the open.  These things usually do and in a surprising way.

The changes that are coming need to come from within.  If each person examines their own motives, they may find more peace than they ever hoped for.  It is called wisdom. Some people find wisdom sooner than later.  That is a good ending for another Super Moon!

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