Astrological Houses and Neptune in your 4th

When you have transits of Neptune around the same degree as your 4th house cusp of your home, there is a tendency to have water in the basement or around the lower parts of your home.  The fourth house is your foundation and your home.  It is usually time to check things out to see if the pipes are seeping water because an unknown leak could possibly be next.  If you currently have something around  28, 29, Aquarius, or 0 or 1 degree of Pisces, on your 4th house cusp, you may be a candidate for finding a plumber.  If you get a gut feeling  you will probably need to check it out.  Get in tune with yourself and your dwelling and see if you can prevent a mishap.  These watery surprises are unnecessary and costly.   Neptune can definitely happen because Neptune is the god of the sea.  You will feel his trident if this happens to you.                                                           .


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