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Mercury Retrograde!

Mercury went retrograde on Wednesday,  January 21.  You could think that your plans are falling apart.   You may feel that is easier to hide under the covers and wait for the three weeks to pass.  Not necessary! You can actually use Mercury to your advantage.  Timing … Continue reading

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Another Super Moon

♥ Many things are taking place at this time and is probably driving many individuals crazy.  It is a time of reflecting and looking from the past in order to make things better for the future.  It is a time to let things go … Continue reading

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2013 Coming to a Close

As the old year comes to  a close, 2014 is around the corner and there are things that we need to remember.  There are lessons  to be learned and you can bet they are karmic. The lessons throughout this year have … Continue reading

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Partial Lunar Eclipse 5 Scorpio 51

                                                 Partial Lunar Eclipse Many planets are now leaving the sign of  Aries and headed for Taurus.   While Mercury is making a sojourn toward Uranus, expect surprises and interesting outcomes around the coming week.  Many things that have not been dealt with … Continue reading

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Leo Full Moon on January 26

With the Full Moon in Leo, this is the time for balance within.  If there are habits that you need to break or things that you need to change, this is the best time to do it.  If you want … Continue reading

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2013 Eclipse Dates

April 25 Partial Lunar Eclipse at 4:07 P.M. EST  5 Scorpio 51 May 9 Annular Solar Eclipse at 10:55 P.M. EST 19 Taurus 33 May 25 Penumbral Lunar Eclipse at 12:10 A.M. EST 3 Sagittarius 58 October 18 Penumbral Lunar … Continue reading

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The Galactic Alignment is Almost Here!

The day that we have waited for is just a few weeks away.  It will take place on the Winter Solstice.  This particular alignment has been synonymous with the end of days.  December 21 is the date where the Mayan … Continue reading

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Powerful Full Moon This Weekend!

Full Moons are depicted as the sun and moon waving to each other from across the sky and might indicate some events or drama.  This one is a little of both but much more powerful.  It will be warrior like … Continue reading

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Pluto Come Home!

While sitting at my desk last evening I had a thought concerning Pluto and I ran with the idea of this planet making a comeback.  I completed an astrological chart for the discovery of Pluto,  February 18, 1930, because I … Continue reading

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Declaration Progressed!

When we think about what we have won, we need to ask ourselves why we wanted to win it in the first place.   Many things have changed over the course of the last 200 years or more.  Either we need … Continue reading

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