Declaration Progressed!

When we think about what we have won, we need to ask ourselves why we wanted to win it in the first place.   Many things have changed over the course of the last 200 years or more.  Either we need to fix our way of thinking or we will be forced to change it and it won’t be our decision.  Mass consciousness will need to focus in the direction of a united force.  It can’t be any other way.

There are at least 10 different charts that we could focus on for the Declaration of American Independence.  As of right now, there are issues that are very important that we need to consider.  I do believe that the amount of changes that are forthcoming are changes that we really need to prepare for.  These are monumental at best.

One fact is that there are points in the Declaration of American Independence that will be challenged within the next few months.  There will be those who want to dispute these interpretations of what was in place during the late 1700’s.  They will want to interpret these to suit their endeavors and they will appear to make good arguments.  They are just arguments and not proving anything.  These challenges will be coming from those wanting to put an end to freedom and choice, but the reasons are still unfounded.

Structures are changing in every walk of life and they are going to be huge.  What had seemed to be icons within American History will now be faced with obstacles. These will be ideals that we will  question ourselves and will ask what we really believe.  This is not anything new because it has always been about choices.  These choices will  be problematic because there are the issues of power, greed and control!  Is it the choice of humanity or a choice of a few?

The progressed chart shows that there are problems coming but they do not have to be categorized  as problematic. The Libra moon on the third will be showing communication in a different sort of way.  We need to be careful because it could end up becoming the iron fist in a velvet glove.  Communication will be different in every sense of the word.  You might say that when Pluto was demoted, things were  beginning to change.  These started from the depths of our inner consciousness and began working its way to our daily thinking.  These changes will occur from the deepest ocean to outer space.  There are unexplored parts of this universe that will be discovered and science will have breakthroughs that are outstanding. They will continue. Albert Einstein said that there would be a marriage between science and religion and that would be the purest test of the truth.

The natal moon is on the 7th cusp which shows that we are at the crossroads on change.  Our change in communication began with the internet and that was an explosion within itself.  Where were you in the 80’s?

The communication that is coming now is one that can only be out of this world.  We have more wires and technology that depicts the entire planet in a giant spider’s web. In the 70’s, Carl Sagan sent information out into space because he felt that there would be a sign or signals coming from a different galaxy.  I do believe that he was on to something.  It seems as though we are being reminded of this daily.

Pluto in Capricorn will be showing the changes coming and that we need to become quick studies. We can try not to change but something will make us change.  Pluto will never leave us as it found us.  Although it has been demoted, the energy and mythology of Pluto will always be with us.  We need to look at what we want and the means of how we expect to get it.  If it is to knock someone out of the ball park to get what we want, and hurt someone else,  someone else will be a better pitcher and knock us out……. period!

We should expect surprises coming around November.  I have mentioned in prior articles that there will be a female to emerge and that there was going to be a champion for the United States.  Only time will tell how this will end.  “A house divided against itself can not stand.”

I have studied this chart and have marveled at how many presidents had degrees in their own natal charts around the 27th and 28th degree of Aquarius.  That is the moon in the chart of 1776.  It all goes together and falls out accordingly. There are those who will help and there are those who only think about it.  You can expect action around that degree.  It was there during 911!

The Mayan Calendar ends in December of this year.  Our schema will change from what we have known to be  the facts.  We will have the opportunity to see these changes.  These changes have been taking place this entire year.   They will not start in December and they will definitely not end there.  There will be questions that we will have to answer.  We have to understand that it is  our intent.  It has always been that and it will continue to be.  If we do what is right and think about our intent, we can safely say that we have worked within the framework of our Declaration of American Independence.  It is worth fighting for.


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