Hey Venus….Oh Venus…..!

Just about the time when we have our Strawberry Lunar Eclipse, we will also have a Venus Occultation.  This means that Venus will transit the Sun for the last time this century.  Venus will cross the sun and it looks as tiny as a pin head but is a very important task.  This happens about one time in about 120 years and it is always in Gemini/Sagittarius.

It is true that Gemini  is associated with communication, and Sagittarius is noted for travel. This development is now into reaching into new worlds.  It allows for freedom,  adventure and eclectic approaches.   Higher, evolved thinking now points to our future and how we view our world but also shows that we have the capacity to think differently.  It also shows that we may probably explore another dimension because we will discover that there are more avenues within our universe.  It may be parallel universes or a different paradigm all together!  Now is the time for free thinkers.  No boundaries.

This is also the same year that the Mayan Calendar comes to an end.  The Mayans were able to predict the orbit of Venus within a minute.  That was pretty amazing since they did not have the technology to do this.  Or did they?  An accident?  Don’t think so. Everything happens on schedule and the timing could not be more perfect. The Mayans were very skilled astronomers and loved to gaze into the heavens.

Let’s think about what this can mean.   There have been so many changes with the Internet, cell phones, satellites and all the smart phones that are on the planet.   There are individuals that are working on another technology that will surpass the hottest, smartest phones on the market.  They will succeed.

Spielberg has had many box office hits that were connected with things that were out of this world.  It is truly a different way of thinking about the universe and about the things that we do not understand.  We have not seen anything yet because we have not seen everything yet.  We will discover more ways of communication and it will be different as we know it now.  Look at all the motion pictures that have come to light.  Note the superheroes!

When you think of Gemini and Sagittarius, you know that Gemini is communication and that is within our ability to network.  Sagittarius, on the other hand,  is concerned with the sky being the limit and all things making their mark with the Centaur’s arrow.  Thinking outside of the box is exactly what science will be doing.  There will be no limitations and there are no boundaries in space.  Space is the final frontier and we will see many new things this summer to support this.  These two will be going hand in hand and will be working together.  Why don’t we consider the different ways of communicating but think universally?

Hooray to those who are creative and artistic because there will be a host of ideas that will be beaming down to those who are willing to accept them.   This is not for those with tunnel vision.  If there are secrets out there, they will come out.  If there are things that need to happen, they will.  If there are people who turn these things into realities, that will happen as well.  The right people will be at the right place and at the right time.  Picture it!

Right brained individuals will come up with terrific ideas and the left brained individuals will wish they had.  It won’t matter because they will be working together to make sure these things happen to make this a better place.  Now, that is a better Contact!

More innovative approaches will happen where modern science is concerned.  There will probably be things in modern medicine that will come to light.  Brain research will release some very important data, and some human diseases will be defeated with a major change taking place on how we feed our world.

Venus deals in relationships and always has.  So how we deal with our relationships and  commitments will come back and either win us points for our grace bank account or we will have to pay the piper for doing things without a conscious.  Do you think that Venus will make our wishes come true?  Intention is everything.  Where is that hand mirror?



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