INSIGHTS FROM INRPATH…………Deborah J. Carvelli

Written 1995
Which Wardrobe Will you Choose?   (Analogy to Chronicles of Narnia)

Have you ever wondered why we are here?  It seems that at this time there are many doors are opening for us.  Which one do we choose?  We have just been through one of the most splendid times in our lives and we are here on this planet to continue to realize it.  The best part of it is….IT IS NOT OVER WITH!!!!  I don’t think that we have internalized what this means as “Light Workers.”  It is a time when we are remembering all the things that we are supposed to. It is all within us.

We have been through the Crusades, the Renaissance, The Enlightenment,  and so on…….But when we think of the time of Enlightenment, we should add that this is the time for “Light Workers”.  They are all around.  We have progressed to this point and we are the divine beings who have found our spiritual experiences as human beings.  We are  seeking truths for total perfection.  We are the NOW. It is the time for us to engage within our own faith and realize that it is all part of Divine Order. We are part of that realization.  We are not excluded!!

We have had tools at our disposal for centuries.   We needed to develop the way to make it work better for us.  Just like the discovery of fire, we needed to research it to know all of the possibilities. Amazing!  All of the things that we ever needed are right here on earth…..we needed to evolve enough to reach out to it. This time is now.  The Christ Consciousness is now. We are the now.  It is a wonderful time to breath in the breath of life, the Christ Life because it is all around us.  There is magic in the air.  Just breathe it in.  Experience it.  You will know it!

If you ever get a chance to watch a video on a snowy night, choose this one.  “The Lion , The Witch, and the Wardrobe.”  It is truly a movie that you do not want to miss. It describes the now and what we are faced with. So which is it?  Do we want to always have winter and never Christmas or are we ready for Spring when new life begins.  Which wardrobe will be the one that has its comfort for all seasons?  The Inner Life?

Have we always had the Wardrobe but just not taken the time to go “through” it? There are usually all kinds of goodies in back of the wardrobe. All children already know this face.  As children, we experienced that and were amazed that adults never really knew what they had.  Imagine having all the wonders at their disposal, but never looking through a child’s eyes to see it.

Copyright © 2006 by Deborah Carvelli
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