It Comes in Threes!

Mercury goes retrograde on Monday.   You need to be careful when buying, signing, and communicating.  Also, a retrograde position refers to the way we think.  Since Mercury rules communication, it is important for us to use meta-cognition in a positive way. Think about the way you think!

When it comes to appliances, they can stop working at the same time!  You could have needed replacements anyway.  Watch your purse strings and look for the sales.  They are out there.  Everyone is experiencing this at the same time you are.  It is how you handle it that makes the difference with the outcome.

Mercury retrogrades in the sign of Aries and this is a time for us to regroup and look at what we have accomplished.  Don’t minimize your efforts because they are noteworthy of  attention.  You may have to wait a few weeks or months for the recognition.  Watch for September and October for your long deserved praise.

It goes direct or forward on the April 4, 2012 in peaceful Pisces.  Pisces is the sign of compassion and love for all.  This is a time for us to look around and see if we have “paid it forward” and random acts of kindness still count in this world.  Harsh words and ugly manners will continue to get you nowhere.  You can eventually fall or get the boot.

At times,  you have to wonder  because it appears to be on every channel.  Ponder this………..television, radio commercials, programs, and news will flash this information everywhere.  Satellite dishes bounce things all over the earth.  Doesn’t this make you wonder about the position that you are in and that our world is in?  Don’t buy into negativity because that is not a  good sale.

With the trio of planetary conditions of Mars, Uranus, and Pluto  this week, it would be very beneficial for us to consider the fire signs and how aggressive we can be with our actions.

*think about the way you appear to others

*look at the way you are thinking

*check out your consciousness

*making the correct decision will increase your awareness and intuition

*be aware of toxic personalities that drain you, pull away if necessary

*take your power back

*it becomes mass consciousness when everyone does it


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