Leo Full Moon on January 26

With the Full Moon in Leo, this is the time for balance within.  If there are habits that you need to break or things that you need to change, this is the best time to do it.  If you want to get the sweets out of your system, start now because the holidays are over and this is your time to shine!

Many changes have taken place since the December shadows have turned the corner. We are now in the birthing of a new dawn.  This is the time where we can enjoy the many aspects of Jupiter.  The positive procession has begun and we need to utilize the energies and watch things become unveiled.

This is the time to finish up old projects in your life and move on to calmer waters.  There is always a time for everything and this is the time for finishing.  Whatever it is, let go.  You should feel a sigh of relief because the January thaw will be leaving and the February sun will shine brightly. The Earth will give up her frozen prisoners and relinquish them for spring flowers.  The earth will begin to bloom once again and release her hostages because they can’t be held back.

Get rid of the old and bring on the much needed balance of the unconsciousness and proceed into the warm rays of the sun.  As January ends, you will see hope once again and those who have not had any patience will have to take the back seat and continue to wait again for a better time.

When there are severe changes in the weather, you can be sure that there will be changes in relationships.  What is no longer necessary will be gone.  Think about relationships that you have had in your life.  If this is the time for them to go, pay attention because they will vanish without any warning.  Don’t try to hang onto something that needs to be gone.  Make room for the new.  It is not that you are uncaring  but the time for your growth has changed and theirs have too.  Your paths are leading to different journeys.

Many individuals will have friends come and go.  Sometimes things will happen and we won’t understand why it does.  We may miss it entirely and it will pass by without an issue.  Whichever way it plays out, remember it is for your highest good.

We are upon that season and changes are coming.  We can welcome the changes, or try to hold them back.  When we do that, we keep ourselves from new and exciting experiences from happening.  How do we grow if we just stay within our comfort zone?

Are you ready for bigger and better or will you contend with the same?

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