Lunar Eclipse of the Strawberry Moon

On June 4th, 2012 there will be the Lunar Eclipse of the Strawberry Moon.  June has been the harvesting time for strawberries and universal to every Algonquin Tribe.  The Native American folklore called this the Strawberry Moon because of the harvesting time for strawberries.  It will be beautiful, and will look very close to the earth.   Perception and beauty is always in the eye of the beholder, and it will be a beauty!!

What does this mean astrologically? It happens in June but the eclipse usually gives it a different twist.  This particular eclipse falls on the 14th degree of Sagittarius.  It will be beautiful in the skies and also full of surprises. If your birthday falls on the 6,7, or 8 of December, you will feel some nudges in different directions.  You will notice changes, and I only mentioned the December birthdays. I haven’t mentioned the other planets that occupy that degree in personal charts.  Lunar eclipses deal with our inner emotions and it takes 3 to 6 months to deal with them until there is another lunar.  Healing is a constant! Just when we think we have it sewn up, there is something else that pops up that has been placed on a back burner.

Also, Neptune will be going retrograde and will return us to those confusing moments and the older problems of the past. It is also a time to look at things carefully and get those odd behaviors in check.  If there is an issue that needs the ear of a therapist, now is the time to visit or revisit past issues.  There were many things that have happened since last November so now is look within and try to make positive decisions and find the creative and intuitive part of yourselves.  If you missed an opportunity in the past, it was only because the timing was not right then but could be much better now.  Go for it for the second or third time around.

Venus is also making the headlines just as it did in the beginning of this year.  We will find many events toward the fall of the year because the sacred feminine will resurface and bring events to the next presidential election. They may not be on the ballots but they will be moving around and showing their force.  There have been many indicators on how powerful women have been in the past and this will prove it. “I’m Woman, Hear Me Roar.”

Communication will be in full strength and it will be in the news, and you will just have to watch and see it unfold.  This is also the time for going within and asking what has happened that has made a transformation within you. You have been on this journey for quite awhile and it is always better than the destination.  Where did it come from and how was it used?  Your intuition has been forthcoming but you had to see this for yourself.  Don’t be afraid to rely on your gut feelings.

Mercury’s communication in  the sign of Cancer will demonstrate deeper values and will show the importance as we approach the summer of 2012.  No need to fear, you are here and you are going to be your own superhero!  Keep the oil burning because if there is anyone you can count on, it is definitely you.  Take the superman tee out of the drawer and wear it proudly!

Enjoy the eclipse and enjoy some strawberry shortcake.  This eclipse will make your mouth water!

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