Mars Goes Retrograde This Week!

Mars goes Retrograde this week.  Look out Gentlemen!

This is usually an indicator of female strength.  Many strong women come to the front and take the lead.  It is a time when politics get another breath of fresh air. This also means surprises in many aspects.  You know what happens when there is fresh air.  You are allowed to breathe and the new blast of oxygen makes you feel hopeful because it causes your brain to think better. Your body feels better and you are able to pursue projects that just did not seem to get off the ground.  It appears that many things in society are stagnant and  going nowhere.

Think about your place of work, the political arena and your own universal talents!  There is no doubt that the film “Iron Lady” that was released a few weeks ago is on target and very appropriate.  Okay ladies, go for it.  This is your time to shine!

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