Mars….Saturn………….and You!

With Mars coming to an opposition of Saturn within the next few days, it is wise to curb your temper and think first before you react.  Patience is necessary so be advised to watch your emails and phone calls.

I cautioned you a few weeks ago that communication would be important because once said, you can’t take it back.  Well, that time is finally here.  Have your lines ready because you will definitely be on stage.   There is nothing worse than being there and not knowing your lines.  So rehearse them well!

This is a good time to prepare for the early part of March.  There are more things coming in the advancement in technology.  It is always improving.  The best phone will keep getting better, the top of the line laptop will outdo itself,  and it will be hard to stay head of the game. Humans are the real thinkers here, they make the machines.

It is also beneficial for everyone to think about who needs TLC.  It is each individual! Everyone is scrambling to do their best because they don’t want to lose their job.  They want to outdo their last performance review and outdo anyone else who happens to be around.  Taking time for oneself is what is really important.  If it is going to a spa, taking that retreat, or taking a mental health day, you will find that it is just as useful to take care of your inner workings.  This is going to aid in your perspective of everything.

Take time to plan for yourself.  Make a list of things that you want to do and need to do for yourself.  Everyone else is doing the same so you won’t be missing out.  You owe it to yourself to heal whatever needs to heal.  You are making spiritual progress and taking time to yourself is just what the doctor ordered.  You will notice that others will be taking mysterious “sick” days and this will be necessary before burnout sets in.

Right before spring arrives, it is a difficult time for everyone.  It is a birthing in nature that brings new things from the  “winter hiding”.  Coming from “winter’s grip” to “springs freedom” is a difficult journey but it needs passage.

Be proactive and take care of these things before you lose control.  Use the Mars, Saturn, opposition in your favor and learn the lessons that come with the aspect.  Utilize this time for the scaffolding and prepare for any surprising details that could come along.  They always do!

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