Mercury Retrograde!

Mercury went retrograde on Wednesday,  January 21.  You could think that your plans are falling apart.   You may feel that is easier to hide under the covers and wait for the three weeks to pass.  Not necessary!

You can actually use Mercury to your advantage.  Timing is everything and if you watch for opportunities (before, during and after) you can absolutely apply it to your daily planner.

While Mercury is retrograde, signing important papers is not a good idea.  If you do, an event will happen and the papers will be delayed. The (lawyer, doctor, etc.) didn’t get around to it because THEY had a crisis.  Everyone is on hold so don’t panic.  You could compare it to a Cosmic Double Dutch Competition.  Timing is everything!  Use the delays to your advantage.

Mercury goes retrograde at least three times a year.  Mercury rules messages, thoughts, and communication.  You can expect delays and more important, technology problems with your gadgets!

Just be patient.  You do not have to look at the calendar to see when it goes direct.  You will feel things easing up.  For those who have to know, that date is on February 11!

It is always a good idea to wait a couple of days past the direct motion.  Mercury is still in storm.

Stay warm!

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