Hey Venus….Oh Venus…..!

Just about the time when we have our Strawberry Lunar Eclipse, we will also have a Venus Occultation.  This means that Venus will transit the Sun for the last time this century.  Venus will cross the sun and it looks as tiny as a pin head but is a very important task.  This happens about one time in about 120 years and it is always in Gemini/Sagittarius.

It is true that Gemini  is associated with communication, and Sagittarius is noted for travel. This development is now into reaching into new worlds.  It allows for freedom,  adventure and eclectic approaches.   Higher, evolved thinking now points to our future and how we view our world but also shows that we have the capacity to think differently.  It also shows that we may probably explore another dimension because we will discover that there are more avenues within our universe.  It may be parallel universes or a different paradigm all together!  Now is the time for free thinkers.  No boundaries.

This is also the same year that the Mayan Calendar comes to an end.  The Mayans were able to predict the orbit of Venus within a minute.  That was pretty amazing since they did not have the technology to do this.  Or did they?  An accident?  Don’t think so. Everything happens on schedule and the timing could not be more perfect. The Mayans were very skilled astronomers and loved to gaze into the heavens.

Let’s think about what this can mean.   There have been so many changes with the Internet, cell phones, satellites and all the smart phones that are on the planet.   There are individuals that are working on another technology that will surpass the hottest, smartest phones on the market.  They will succeed.

Spielberg has had many box office hits that were connected with things that were out of this world.  It is truly a different way of thinking about the universe and about the things that we do not understand.  We have not seen anything yet because we have not seen everything yet.  We will discover more ways of communication and it will be different as we know it now.  Look at all the motion pictures that have come to light.  Note the superheroes!

When you think of Gemini and Sagittarius, you know that Gemini is communication and that is within our ability to network.  Sagittarius, on the other hand,  is concerned with the sky being the limit and all things making their mark with the Centaur’s arrow.  Thinking outside of the box is exactly what science will be doing.  There will be no limitations and there are no boundaries in space.  Space is the final frontier and we will see many new things this summer to support this.  These two will be going hand in hand and will be working together.  Why don’t we consider the different ways of communicating but think universally?

Hooray to those who are creative and artistic because there will be a host of ideas that will be beaming down to those who are willing to accept them.   This is not for those with tunnel vision.  If there are secrets out there, they will come out.  If there are things that need to happen, they will.  If there are people who turn these things into realities, that will happen as well.  The right people will be at the right place and at the right time.  Picture it!

Right brained individuals will come up with terrific ideas and the left brained individuals will wish they had.  It won’t matter because they will be working together to make sure these things happen to make this a better place.  Now, that is a better Contact!

More innovative approaches will happen where modern science is concerned.  There will probably be things in modern medicine that will come to light.  Brain research will release some very important data, and some human diseases will be defeated with a major change taking place on how we feed our world.

Venus deals in relationships and always has.  So how we deal with our relationships and  commitments will come back and either win us points for our grace bank account or we will have to pay the piper for doing things without a conscious.  Do you think that Venus will make our wishes come true?  Intention is everything.  Where is that hand mirror?



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Lunar Eclipse of the Strawberry Moon

On June 4th, 2012 there will be the Lunar Eclipse of the Strawberry Moon.  June has been the harvesting time for strawberries and universal to every Algonquin Tribe.  The Native American folklore called this the Strawberry Moon because of the harvesting time for strawberries.  It will be beautiful, and will look very close to the earth.   Perception and beauty is always in the eye of the beholder, and it will be a beauty!!

What does this mean astrologically? It happens in June but the eclipse usually gives it a different twist.  This particular eclipse falls on the 14th degree of Sagittarius.  It will be beautiful in the skies and also full of surprises. If your birthday falls on the 6,7, or 8 of December, you will feel some nudges in different directions.  You will notice changes, and I only mentioned the December birthdays. I haven’t mentioned the other planets that occupy that degree in personal charts.  Lunar eclipses deal with our inner emotions and it takes 3 to 6 months to deal with them until there is another lunar.  Healing is a constant! Just when we think we have it sewn up, there is something else that pops up that has been placed on a back burner.

Also, Neptune will be going retrograde and will return us to those confusing moments and the older problems of the past. It is also a time to look at things carefully and get those odd behaviors in check.  If there is an issue that needs the ear of a therapist, now is the time to visit or revisit past issues.  There were many things that have happened since last November so now is look within and try to make positive decisions and find the creative and intuitive part of yourselves.  If you missed an opportunity in the past, it was only because the timing was not right then but could be much better now.  Go for it for the second or third time around.

Venus is also making the headlines just as it did in the beginning of this year.  We will find many events toward the fall of the year because the sacred feminine will resurface and bring events to the next presidential election. They may not be on the ballots but they will be moving around and showing their force.  There have been many indicators on how powerful women have been in the past and this will prove it. “I’m Woman, Hear Me Roar.”

Communication will be in full strength and it will be in the news, and you will just have to watch and see it unfold.  This is also the time for going within and asking what has happened that has made a transformation within you. You have been on this journey for quite awhile and it is always better than the destination.  Where did it come from and how was it used?  Your intuition has been forthcoming but you had to see this for yourself.  Don’t be afraid to rely on your gut feelings.

Mercury’s communication in  the sign of Cancer will demonstrate deeper values and will show the importance as we approach the summer of 2012.  No need to fear, you are here and you are going to be your own superhero!  Keep the oil burning because if there is anyone you can count on, it is definitely you.  Take the superman tee out of the drawer and wear it proudly!

Enjoy the eclipse and enjoy some strawberry shortcake.  This eclipse will make your mouth water!

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Think Back! It May be Worth the Degree!

May 20 is the Gemini Solar Eclipse.  The last time this happened was 19 years ago.  It was during the May 21 solar eclipse of 1993.  The solar eclipse usually takes place within the same degree every 19 years.  With this in mind, consider the possibilities of what happened then and what it could mean now.

What have you learned since May of 1993?  Think about what was going on at that time personally and globally.  Where were you and what were you doing?  Were you about to make some important discoveries or did you put something on the back burner?  What was going on in the news in 1993?  These are questions that you need to ask because they are pertinent now.

Whatever you decided at the time, it has brought you to your present. Your professional life also changed at that time and brought you to where you are now. You can also think about the knowledge and wisdom that you have gained.  You have grown into a spiritual consciousness and you are asking more questions now than you ever had.  You won’t accept things to be the same any longer because you are headed into parts unknown.  You have decided that there is more to life than what has been revealed.  You are growing and changing.  A transformation is headed your way.

My guess is many of you are embarking on a new course that you have thought about for a very long time and now you have the confidence to pursue this new chapter in your life.  Your intuition is increasing and has for several months.  If you have tried to make it go away, you may have found out that it was part of your creativity that was waiting to burst forth.  Your individuality is yours and yours alone.  Your hunches, or gut feelings, are stronger and you can pretty much “feel” when things are about to happen.  Keep a notebook and watch for things to unfold.  You have a “knowing” and it is what it is.

You probably have been trying many new things but you found that your inner consciousness was getting stronger.  You no longer view the world the way you once did and you have more questions concerning everything that you were taught.

Utilize the influence of this eclipse for your personal empowerment.  Gemini rules communication, and it is a time for you to think about your own thinking.  Metacognition is definitely a word that belongs to a Gemini.  If this is about the time of your birthday, you can expect some surprises and you need to consider your own cognitive powers.  You may be moving across several states but will be told soon enough!

You can count on learning some new things. You may decide to take those college classes that you put off because of the things that came up about 19 years ago.  Some of you may decide to take some classes while your own children go off to college.  There is no time like the present.

Whatever you decide to do, you may feel that the paleontology classes that you have wanted to take are  looking better all the time.  You are getting into your own thought processes and this is what Gemini is all about. Along with soul growth, you will find that this eclipse will be one that you won’t want to forget because it has taken 19 years for you to remember!

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Will History Repeat Itself?

  Do you remember the events of  April of 2010?  There was an oil spill in the gulf and it presented a disaster.  There were many things that happened from the loss of sea creatures to the coast dying a slow death,  as if a black magic marker had outlined the  region.  Once again, things are setting themselves up for something to take place that is similar to that event.  We can only hope that we have learned from our past so that history will not repeat itself. At that time there seemed to be tragedy everywhere and  many creatures died.   If you remember it was a terrible time and many people wept as they saw the news.   There were several attempts to cap the oil so that it would not continue to spill over.  Let us hope that the event will never happen again.

Astrology also depicts history .  You can go back hundreds of years and find similarities of events because of the transits of planets.  An ephemeris would help greatly along with a good history book of facts.

With the sun in Pisces, it is a time for looking to the future with positive hope and realizing that compassion is something that people should have in their lives.  Compassion is a human emotion that is important for all to have and especially for animals.  How can you not have it for every living thing on this earth.





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Solar Eclipse May 20, 2012 7:23 PM

This particular Solar Eclipse will have to do with partnerships and how we  get along as a people within our nation.  A solar eclipse has the sun and moon conjunction and they are working together toward a new beginning.   They are both in Gemini so there is a push for communication and working together.  Although  Venus goes retrograde, it is also a time for people to find out what is important for soul growth.  Reflection is something that needs to happen.  Individuals will have to think for themselves and not rely on others to tell them what to do.  Everyone has to pull their own weight.

Things have been promised and people shook hands on these promises. Much has been taken in good faith.  Others did not intend to be good on their word.   There is anger and people want to have their voices heard because of the betrayal.

There will be surprises and arguments in the way that people perceive authority figures.  Things will not be swept under the rug.   The Scorpio ascendant is showing that it this is the time to roll up the sleeves and prepare for hard work. No one is exempt from this although they may think differently.  The North Node at 5 Sagittarius and the South Node at 5 Gemini  is a short distance from the eclipse degree.  Things are pointing to integrity in all situations and people are not willing to settle.

There will be events during the year that will lead to a gentleman’s agreement and taking people for their word.  Watch the politicians shake hands on the news and their fingers crossed behind their backs.  The individuals that are not as good as their word will fall to the wayside and will lose their positions.  It is like a fall from grace.  I  think that those who have tried to avoid it will have to face the music because there is no escaping.  Deeds that have not been honorable will surface and there will be trials and court proceedings.

Surprises will come to those who may not expect it or they may not expect getting caught.  Either way, surprises will be coming from all directions.  The events from this eclipse will be watched very closely for the November elections.  The early bird catches the worm and the worm turns when it senses danger.  One can not be wishy-washy when it comes to making a decision.  A worm has to be stronger than that.  Do you know any?

May 20th is a wonderful time for communication because of  the Gemini Sun-Moon connection both in 0 Gemini.  You will hear many things but will need to decide for yourself if it is for the good of all or a few.

Mercury’s conjunction with Jupiter is a very good thing to occur.  It is a good time for being productive and completing the tasks that you consider to be for the highest good of all and pursuing and accomplishing the tasks.  Utilize the week of May 20th for getting those great ideas to the boss and make sure that you keep your great ideas to yourself.  Don’t share them with anyone else unless you know that you can trust them.  Everyone wants to get to the top.  Make sure you do it the right way.

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Taurus New Moon on April 21

Since the beginning of April most events have been exciting and fast paced.  Reflecting over the last few weeks you will find that it has gone faster than a locomotive.

There have been legal papers that were thrown into the mix, but events were handled at the right time and place.  Also, there were situations that should have been taken care of years ago but landed up in  court.  No matter what happened, karma has taken over.   “What goes around comes around.”

Now, take a deep breath because you are about to get ready for the last of April and the first part of May.  You will have the ability to push forward with a new found energy and nothing will stop you.  You have dodged bullets, went through mazes and met challenges at every turn.  You passed the test and now you will find yourself picking up on a different frequency. You intuition will be stronger and you have earned the golden ticket. Think of the competition and what you accomplished.  You will have surprises but you will be expecting most of them.  These surprises will come from other people and you called it.

Try for that job that you didn’t get because the person that got it is off doing something else.  As fate would have it, you will be able to complete your chosen course and go on with your plans that you had back in February.

During this week of April 22nd, be careful of Mercury squaring Pluto because there could be some unkind words within communication that would be sharp.  After it is said, you can’t take it back.  It can be  too late.

If you are not sure about the planets and their meanings just think about your high school mythology class and that within itself is a good beginning.  Make the right decisions and know that your angel coach is always watching.  Don’t be so hard on yourself this week because you have been through a lot.  It seems like the drama will be around for a little while.   You will not need to worry about it!


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Mars in opposition Saturn

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Power Struggles…………..but Side Step the Drama

This is a fortunate week and you will find some lessons to be learned.  It is not the time to “kill the messenger,” but learn the lesson.  There are some positive lessons to be had as well as giving up the items that are not worth fighting for. Sometimes you just have to let it go.  That is hard for some individuals because of their own issues.  Many have a flair for the dramatic but you can’t look to the theatre all the time.  Most actors have different scripts to read.   Individuals may feel that they need to argue and fight with people in authority and may feel that it is their mission but it is the dramatic issue.

There are things coming up within the next few weeks that will give rise to opportunities and they may take another look at what is going on.  Check on that communication that needs to be revisited. Watch what you say and how you say it.  It still counts on how it all comes together.

Remember back in February and early March there were  things that cautioned the communication issues.  Something that you felt was a done deal could opened up again.  Check it out! If you were frequenting the want adds, continue and  don’t give up because that situation has changed.  Be proactive!

It is a  month to keep a close watch  because there are issues from 2010 that could possibly repeat themselves.  There were situations not dealt with that particular year.  Things have been silent for quite a while and they were swept under the rug.  It will now have to be dealt with  two years later.

Things are not always negative and it is important to remember this.  There are wonderful things that happen all of the time but you have to look for it.  Is the glass half empty or half full? Perception is everything.  People will judge you because of your skills and your ability to cope with life and it’s surprises.

Look for your opportunities.  That job that you did not get a couple of months ago will come open again.  The person hired did not work out and so your chances look good.  Don’t give up just because it looks like it is a done deal.  It is never a done deal and these opportunities are always changing.  This is the time to reapply and take another chance on something that could now work for you.  Always be aware of everything around you and your own intuition will increase.  Timing is everything.  Look to the moon for your timing.

Once you look at the situation and get rid of the drama,  you will find there is “much to do about nothing.”

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Favorite Astrology Books

Deborah’s top 10:

1. Astrology, A Cosmic Science by Isabel Hickey

2. Astrologer’s Handbook Sakoian and Acker

3. A Student’s Text Book of Astrology, Vivian Robson

4. Horary Astrology by Ivy Goldstein Jacobson

5. Foundation of the Astrological Chart by Ivy Goldstein Jacobson

6. The Modern Text-Book of Astrology by Margaret Hone

7. The Only Way to Learn Astrology Series by Marion March and Joan McEvers

8. The Key to Your Own Nativity: The Alan Leo Series of Books

9. Fixed Stars and Constellations by Vivian Robson

10. The Principles of Astrology by Charles E.O. Carter, Astrology Classics


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It Comes in Threes!

Mercury goes retrograde on Monday.   You need to be careful when buying, signing, and communicating.  Also, a retrograde position refers to the way we think.  Since Mercury rules communication, it is important for us to use meta-cognition in a positive way. Think about the way you think!

When it comes to appliances, they can stop working at the same time!  You could have needed replacements anyway.  Watch your purse strings and look for the sales.  They are out there.  Everyone is experiencing this at the same time you are.  It is how you handle it that makes the difference with the outcome.

Mercury retrogrades in the sign of Aries and this is a time for us to regroup and look at what we have accomplished.  Don’t minimize your efforts because they are noteworthy of  attention.  You may have to wait a few weeks or months for the recognition.  Watch for September and October for your long deserved praise.

It goes direct or forward on the April 4, 2012 in peaceful Pisces.  Pisces is the sign of compassion and love for all.  This is a time for us to look around and see if we have “paid it forward” and random acts of kindness still count in this world.  Harsh words and ugly manners will continue to get you nowhere.  You can eventually fall or get the boot.

At times,  you have to wonder  because it appears to be on every channel.  Ponder this………..television, radio commercials, programs, and news will flash this information everywhere.  Satellite dishes bounce things all over the earth.  Doesn’t this make you wonder about the position that you are in and that our world is in?  Don’t buy into negativity because that is not a  good sale.

With the trio of planetary conditions of Mars, Uranus, and Pluto  this week, it would be very beneficial for us to consider the fire signs and how aggressive we can be with our actions.

*think about the way you appear to others

*look at the way you are thinking

*check out your consciousness

*making the correct decision will increase your awareness and intuition

*be aware of toxic personalities that drain you, pull away if necessary

*take your power back

*it becomes mass consciousness when everyone does it


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