Mars….Saturn………….and You!

With Mars coming to an opposition of Saturn within the next few days, it is wise to curb your temper and think first before you react.  Patience is necessary so be advised to watch your emails and phone calls.

I cautioned you a few weeks ago that communication would be important because once said, you can’t take it back.  Well, that time is finally here.  Have your lines ready because you will definitely be on stage.   There is nothing worse than being there and not knowing your lines.  So rehearse them well!

This is a good time to prepare for the early part of March.  There are more things coming in the advancement in technology.  It is always improving.  The best phone will keep getting better, the top of the line laptop will outdo itself,  and it will be hard to stay head of the game. Humans are the real thinkers here, they make the machines.

It is also beneficial for everyone to think about who needs TLC.  It is each individual! Everyone is scrambling to do their best because they don’t want to lose their job.  They want to outdo their last performance review and outdo anyone else who happens to be around.  Taking time for oneself is what is really important.  If it is going to a spa, taking that retreat, or taking a mental health day, you will find that it is just as useful to take care of your inner workings.  This is going to aid in your perspective of everything.

Take time to plan for yourself.  Make a list of things that you want to do and need to do for yourself.  Everyone else is doing the same so you won’t be missing out.  You owe it to yourself to heal whatever needs to heal.  You are making spiritual progress and taking time to yourself is just what the doctor ordered.  You will notice that others will be taking mysterious “sick” days and this will be necessary before burnout sets in.

Right before spring arrives, it is a difficult time for everyone.  It is a birthing in nature that brings new things from the  “winter hiding”.  Coming from “winter’s grip” to “springs freedom” is a difficult journey but it needs passage.

Be proactive and take care of these things before you lose control.  Use the Mars, Saturn, opposition in your favor and learn the lessons that come with the aspect.  Utilize this time for the scaffolding and prepare for any surprising details that could come along.  They always do!

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Happy President’s Day!

We have much to be thankful for because these two men were our 1st and 16th president.  Many thanks and more information to come on historical astrology page.

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Sun goes into Pisces

With the planets placed in areas of change, transformation and soul development, this week is just as important. With the Sun, processing into “dreamy” Pisces and leaving “cool and calculating” Aquarius, there is still time to dream of things to come.

The New Moon dashes in on Tuesday, (Mardi Gras/Fat Tuesday)  and it is a time for new beginnings.  Use this time for going within and finding ways to bring things to fruition.  Breaking bad habits and looking at novel ideas will lead to your “new day.”

If you were in a bad relationship or anything that has not been for your highest good, you may need to consider breaking away as opposed to letting things go on which would lead to more hurt and confusion.

This is a time to look at the patterns in your life and try to figure out where you are losing your power.  If there is someone who has tried to take your good away, made you feel that you are not worth anything, it is no longer acceptable.  With this being a spiritual awakening, it is time for you to think about what has happened to you within the last several years. You are moving away from a long slumber and you are coming into consciousness.

Consider this your “ah ha moment.” Are you at a place that makes you feel comfortable or do you feel forced into something that is not right for you?  Neptune and the Sun together, have a way of presenting a spiritual “looking glass” that not only shows your reflection, but also what is behind you.

There are events that have happened in the past and it is possible that you are now able to connect the dots. You will want to do something that is more positive for you.  You will find that you have the ability to move forward and do things that will bring you to your point of departure. These are new and exciting things for you because it is now your  time to shine! You have lots of creativity and now is the time to use it.  Do not hold back!

The moon is the timer and when the universal clock gives you the go ahead to complete a task you will know that the time is right.  When it is supposed to happen, nothing can keep it from happening.  When it is not supposed to happen, you can stand on your head and it never will happen.

Those born around February 19  to mid March will find themselves holding the looking glass. This is the time for lots of emotional work.  You will be able to dive in and find the solutions that are necessary for your spiritual growth and it will stretch you beyond your comfort zone.   You have to do this so that you will realize your own worth!  Much is coming your way and karma has a way of showing up and bringing things out. This could go back as far as 25 years ago.

Time shows no mercy for the things that need to be revealed.  Secrets are out!   People who have been unfair will find that time has caught up with them and the shoe is on the other foot.  Pay backs are tough.  What goes around comes around.  This is a universal truth.

The New Moon brings a wholeness to those who need to see it.  If you did not get that job for one reason or another, keep trying because this may be your time to shine.  Do not give up because it looks like your dreams could come true.

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Astrological Houses and Neptune in your 4th

When you have transits of Neptune around the same degree as your 4th house cusp of your home, there is a tendency to have water in the basement or around the lower parts of your home.  The fourth house is your foundation and your home.  It is usually time to check things out to see if the pipes are seeping water because an unknown leak could possibly be next.  If you currently have something around  28, 29, Aquarius, or 0 or 1 degree of Pisces, on your 4th house cusp, you may be a candidate for finding a plumber.  If you get a gut feeling  you will probably need to check it out.  Get in tune with yourself and your dwelling and see if you can prevent a mishap.  These watery surprises are unnecessary and costly.   Neptune can definitely happen because Neptune is the god of the sea.  You will feel his trident if this happens to you.                                                           .


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Keep Your Communication Awesome!

Any type of communication is very important within the next few months. Pay attention to details and make copies of your work.  Back up your back-ups for protection and safety.  Ask questions if you are not sure about something, especially if you are buying a kitchen appliance or another computer.  Get everything down on paper and not just word of mouth.  Be careful of any emails because you do not want to be misunderstood.  The planetary line up  suggests that it could happen and you would not be putting your best foot forward.  Be prepared so that you are not caught in the middle of a bad paper trail that could lead you down the wrong path.

It has been difficult during the last two weeks for (Cancer/Capricorn Aries/Libra)  the cardinal signs. This is only a reminder to watch any type of communication that transpires between now and  May.  You don’t want to be misunderstood and it could be difficult to take your words back.  Once something is said,  there could be hard feelings.  Know your boundaries and make sure that others are aware of yours!


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Saturn Goes Retrograde on February 7, 2012

Saturn goes retrograde on February 7, 2012.  It goes retrograde for about 4 1/2 months and then will go direct on June 24.  What does this mean?  This is a great time for discipline and taking care of business.  There are always pros and cons but either way, you need to be proactive.  You must consider some of the things that you have done within the past year or so and take care of lose ends.  This also means going “out of your way,” to make sure that you are allowing the “Taskmaster Saturn” to weave its magic.

Presently, Saturn is 29 degrees of Libra 30 minutes.  Saturn is just about to change signs, but not yet! It will be later on this year.  Timing in any game is important and necessary for a win.

Those who are born around the 21, 22, and 23 of October need to prepare for their birthday surprise. It is also saying that the transit of this planet is very important for those individuals for they are gearing up for their own super bowl.

Just like the football players that know their positions and their tasks, so do the planetary orbits.  All things are working together in the universe to complete their jobs and their missions to teach a lesson.  With discipline and some hard work, you will reach the goals.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            


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Neptune goes into Pisces

Neptune goes into Pisces again on February 4, 2012                                                       I think it is safe to say that you need to expect changes because this is not a personal planet. It is a transpersonal one.  It is the planet for personal growth as well as for the masses. It has a very humanitarian aspect because it cares about people.   H.G. Wells would say that this particular planet has ushered in peace, respect, and represents the utopian society.  It is the Camelot of where everything coincides and works for the good of all.

A German astronomer discovered Neptune on September 23, 1846 but he was not the first.  It was Galileo. He did not take official notes.  Others found it but did not write it down.  This is Neptunian!  This is a confusing concept.  It sounds like a script from Abbot and Costello.  Interestingly enough, Neptune is nebulous, watery, misty,  an elusive planet, but a spiritual planet.  Isabel Hickey said that it had the most beautiful energy of a spiritual planet.

Let us look at where it is now and think of its new entry on February 4.  Neptune is 29 degrees of Aquarius 48 minutes and it is approaching 0 degree of Pisces. During the passage of Neptune through Aquarius, you will have noticed much confusion and uncertainty with our planet and our own personal despair.  There have been corporate takeovers, broken contracts, bailouts, misappropriation of monies and playing unfair. There have been many people out for themselves without caring who they hurt.  With Neptune  in Pisces for the next 14 years it could not have returned at a better time.   We need to have compassion for the world and everyone in it.  It is not a matter of who is getting rich and who has the most, but how can we help those who are in need and starving?  That is the idea that needs to take form.  Presently, there is fighting, harsh words and stepping on others to get to the top. The fighting and arguing has to stop before we get into trouble.  If this continues, it will be a harsh future because we are forgetting about working together to make it a better word for all.  Remember  the sandbox protocol!

Neptune went into Aquarius in 1998.  Since then, technology has taken off.  Aquarius represents electricity, innovation, reality shows and the internet. Technology was soaring then and it is still reaching its mark.  Each time you look at a cell phone commercial they are doing amazing things that would not believe was possible.  We have used the term ‘really’ so much that it has become part of our language.

When Neptune goes into Pisces, it is the movies, the cinema and everything that we need to escape.   It is dreamy and it is illusion and it will bet comfortable, but this is our wake up call.  Neptune is going home where it started out and will make things happen again.  It is an era where there is hope and we need to get it.  It is evolutionary but it is an age of enlightenment.  There are new ideas and dreams that come to us because of inspiration.

Babies that are born at this time will be compassionate and will think of others. They will contribute to the world to make it a better place.  They will be born with a knowing.  They will be unselfish and will be a giving. They will have a sense of what needs to happen and will have no problem identifying what is needed in society.  These kids will be able to teach adults the values and inner guidance.  These children will not worry their parents about getting the newest or latest clothing because they will give up what they have if they know someone needs it.

Neptune is a considered to be a compassionate planet and one of transformation.  We need something like this because our world is very shaky.  Neptune deals with the arts and inspirational poetry, writing and those of the Romantic Era.  We have a higher purpose and we need to stay in touch with it.  Neptune first entered Pisces for a short time around spring and summer of 2011.  We had a taste of how things could possibly be.  Think back last year and ponder over the events in and around your environment. Was there anything that you miss now that we are at the end of January?  With Neptune continuing the journey, it will bring events and ideals to the forefront.  You can count on it!

These are a few of the events that took place 165 years ago and some of them are still not resolved.  The players have changed but the script is still the same.

Let us look at some of the past dates of this orbit.  We can calculate the years backward and look at some of the events that were going on in the world.

  • Revolts break out in Poland.  Negotiations between U.S. and Mexico for purchase of New Mexico
  • U.S. forces move into Santa Fe and U.S. annexes New Mexico in August
  • Napoleon escapes from the fortress of Ham to London
  • Iowa becomes a state of the U.S.
  • Hans Christian Anderson:  “Fairy Tale of My Life,”  his autobiography
  • Dostoevsky:  “Poor Folk”
  • Longfellow:  “The Belfry of Bruges”
  • Herman Melville:  “Typee”
  • George Sand:  “La Mare au Diable”
  • Theodor Waitz:  “Foundation of Psychology
  • William Whewell:  Elements of Morality
  • Bringham Young leads the Mormons from Nauauvoo City, Ill., to the Great Salt Lake, Utah
  • Electric arc lighting at the Opera, Paris, Opera Paris
  • Sewing machine patented by Elias Howe
  • American dentist uses ether as anesthetic
  • Smithsonian Institution, Washington, founded

Look at some of the things in 1998

  • Oscar for best picture-Titanic
  • Postage stamp goes up to 32 cents
  • White House scandal
  • World’s biggest airport opens in Hong Kong
  • In China, the Yangtze River breaks through the main bank.  Death toll was more 12,000 injuring 1,000’s more
  • There were more deaths by natural disasters
  • Exxon and Mobil merge
  • Windows 98 released
  • India and Pakistan test nuclear weapons
  • You can count backward and you will see when Neptune was in Pisces.

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Strength Lies in Numbers

If you have listened to the news this week, many women have come forth in the media and they are holding their own ground.  We have heard news about a female governor discussing politics with the President, and our Secretary of State making some announcements of her own.  Well, it is not over with yet!  There are more announcements coming from  women who are movers and shakers!  Keep the tally marks going because it is not over with yet.  Mars is retrograde and it will continue for awhile.

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Mars Goes Retrograde This Week!

Mars goes Retrograde this week.  Look out Gentlemen!

This is usually an indicator of female strength.  Many strong women come to the front and take the lead.  It is a time when politics get another breath of fresh air. This also means surprises in many aspects.  You know what happens when there is fresh air.  You are allowed to breathe and the new blast of oxygen makes you feel hopeful because it causes your brain to think better. Your body feels better and you are able to pursue projects that just did not seem to get off the ground.  It appears that many things in society are stagnant and  going nowhere.

Think about your place of work, the political arena and your own universal talents!  There is no doubt that the film “Iron Lady” that was released a few weeks ago is on target and very appropriate.  Okay ladies, go for it.  This is your time to shine!

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A Lunar Eclipse took place on December 10, 2011. I am sure many of you felt it.  It was a  kicker, and especially if your birthday fell a few days before or after this eclipse.   There are several things that are happening at this time.   Ponder this…………..  reflect on 19 years ago to remember past behaviors.  Are there threads that show the connection between then and now?  Are there karmic lessons that you needed to pay attention to but didn’t? What did you learn?  Don’t kill the messenger but learn the lessons. The players may have changed but the lessons are still there. The cold winter winds are bringing your thoughts home to plan your strategies.

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