Pluto Come Home!

While sitting at my desk last evening I had a thought concerning Pluto and I ran with the idea of this planet making a comeback.  I completed an astrological chart for the discovery of Pluto,  February 18, 1930, because I wanted to see the process of what was going on at the time. There had to be a connection to a time when it was discovered to when it was demoted.  If we learn anything about history, we know that there are common threads that always reach into the future from the past.  It is all there to help with the present.

In 1930, when it was called planet X, there was a contest to name the planet.  An 11 year old girl from  England named Venetia Burney Phair gave Pluto its name. Her grandfather was a retired librarian who had many friends who were astronomers.  The family discussed the name at the table and she was thinking about the mythology that went along with the strength of the character.

Of all the names that were thought of by the astronomers, no one had come up with the name of Pluto.  It was ideal and that is exactly what happened.  Ironically, on her 89th birthday, she actually viewed this magnificent planet for the first time through a telescope. Synchronicity at it’s finest took over.

The world is full of these oddities but was it that odd?  I have always questioned if Pluto was named for the dog Pluto, or the dog named for the planet.  Disney’s Pluto came into effect in 1930.  How powerful is that?

From what I saw in the chart, I know that there is going to be a comeback. It could be a meeting revisited or coming back to the table.  When Pluto was discovered the actual placement was 17 Cancer 46 RX. (retrograde)  I thought how interesting because of the location and also in that sign of Cancer.  (Home, apple pie, mother, the American dream, stock market crash, very bad economy, chaos)  Another reason is that it was retrograde.  That means it will eventually have a direct motion.  The moon was 12 Scorpio 22.  I thought that these particular numbers were so significant, 12  and 22 . It made sense to me.  When I progressed it to the date that it was demoted, it was in the exact degree and minute and sign when it was discovered.…………….only direct in nature!  It is a matter of time before there will be another meeting of scientists and there will be more than 400 who are at the meeting to actually make a decision.  When you think of the scientists that are out there, more than 10,000, it is interesting how the 400 and something actually made that decision.  The majority did not rule in this decision.

Not only are astrologers upset by this demotion but there are school children everywhere who can’t understand why the god of the underworld from mythology’s viewpoint was cast into darkness and kept underground without any light.  Only time will tell the outcome of a reduced planet who was left out in the cold to come back from the cold but this time stronger.

Another interesting piece of this information are the events coming up for 2013.  It seems that when Pluto is 9 or 10 degrees of any sign, it becomes a significant change in historical events.  I will have more on this in the coming weeks.

We can be sure to look back into the historical archives and we will see how powerful the placement of Pluto has been in the past and how active it will become in the future.  We can look to the beginning of January of 2013 to see how structures will change and only our deepest fears can possibly become a reality.  Things that have been too fragile will take a back seat and only the strongest and bravest ideas will survive.  It will be the survival of the fittest.


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