Power Struggles…………..but Side Step the Drama

This is a fortunate week and you will find some lessons to be learned.  It is not the time to “kill the messenger,” but learn the lesson.  There are some positive lessons to be had as well as giving up the items that are not worth fighting for. Sometimes you just have to let it go.  That is hard for some individuals because of their own issues.  Many have a flair for the dramatic but you can’t look to the theatre all the time.  Most actors have different scripts to read.   Individuals may feel that they need to argue and fight with people in authority and may feel that it is their mission but it is the dramatic issue.

There are things coming up within the next few weeks that will give rise to opportunities and they may take another look at what is going on.  Check on that communication that needs to be revisited. Watch what you say and how you say it.  It still counts on how it all comes together.

Remember back in February and early March there were  things that cautioned the communication issues.  Something that you felt was a done deal could opened up again.  Check it out! If you were frequenting the want adds, continue and  don’t give up because that situation has changed.  Be proactive!

It is a  month to keep a close watch  because there are issues from 2010 that could possibly repeat themselves.  There were situations not dealt with that particular year.  Things have been silent for quite a while and they were swept under the rug.  It will now have to be dealt with  two years later.

Things are not always negative and it is important to remember this.  There are wonderful things that happen all of the time but you have to look for it.  Is the glass half empty or half full? Perception is everything.  People will judge you because of your skills and your ability to cope with life and it’s surprises.

Look for your opportunities.  That job that you did not get a couple of months ago will come open again.  The person hired did not work out and so your chances look good.  Don’t give up just because it looks like it is a done deal.  It is never a done deal and these opportunities are always changing.  This is the time to reapply and take another chance on something that could now work for you.  Always be aware of everything around you and your own intuition will increase.  Timing is everything.  Look to the moon for your timing.

Once you look at the situation and get rid of the drama,  you will find there is “much to do about nothing.”

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