Powerful Full Moon This Weekend!

Full Moons are depicted as the sun and moon waving to each other from across the sky and might indicate some events or drama.  This one is a little of both but much more powerful.  It will be warrior like and up in your personal face. There are things that will manifest because it is the beginning of the new, and the end of old and outdated structures.  Don’t worry, this one will be hard to miss.  Structures that we have known and loved will be going to the wayside.

The psychologist, Carl G. Jung spoke of the dark side, or shadow side of each individual.  This full moon suggests that we have to peer at this dark side, or shadow side, and deal with energies that have been tabled for many years.  Issues that we have not dealt with, or relationships that have not had closure, will be coming home. If we don’t take care of our own issues, the cosmic forces will do it for us. Those who are purposely hurting others will be hurt themselves.

Unfinished business has to be dealt with on an individual basis and will trickle into our  social contacts. Instead of blaming others and pointing the finger, we will have to heal ourselves first, and then it will shine forth.  An analogy would be carrying a flashlight and covering the top, withholding the light.  In actuality, we are withholding our own essence  of light.  Spiritual healing is necessary.  The hurt and anger has been carried around long enough.  It is about time to call it what it is and let it go. Forgiveness is necessary for the grudges and hard-feelings to disappear.  Too much baggage really does cost!  Not showing our own light and giving to others is actually hurting ourselves.

The full moon has the flavor of an Aries moon and the Libra sun. This is a recipe for core changes within and outside ourselves.   We are essentially looking at cardinal signs within relationships that we know and those that are yet to come. Have we learned anything? There is a balance between Libra and Mars and all relationships are karmic  as well as transformational. Some lessons are easier to learn than others.  It will be going through a birthing that will have pain. Ladies and gentlemen, think of the end result!

  Mars is the god of war so things will not remain the same.  Change is constant and within the next few months, you will be able to see it on a global level. Everyone will feel the shift and you won’t be able to ignore it.  There are powerful drives that will come to pass and you will have to investigate your own origins.  You will either accept it or reject it.  The choice is yours.  Fighting change usually is more difficult because events will come up front and personal.  They will start there.

A few months ago I mentioned how the feminine power will come to the forefront and by fall you would be able to connect the dots.  The feminine roles will be revealed within the next few weeks and you will have names attached to the faces. There has to be a balance of these masculine and feminine energies.

For the next few months there is an opportunity for transformational healing.  It old way will not continue and the forces of nature will not allow it.  Everyone needs to take care of their own responsibilities and not blame anyone else.  This is more difficult than what you think. Emotional work is really difficult if it is done in a therapeutic manner.

In order to help others you will need  to show them how to empower themselves. Individuals will show up in your lives for you to take care of business. It can’t be kept and only used for individual purposes.  If you do, it will leave you just as it found you and will be difficult to make any change for the good.  It is never too late, but the timing is now.  Changes will be out of this world!



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