Solar Eclipse May 20, 2012 7:23 PM

This particular Solar Eclipse will have to do with partnerships and how we  get along as a people within our nation.  A solar eclipse has the sun and moon conjunction and they are working together toward a new beginning.   They are both in Gemini so there is a push for communication and working together.  Although  Venus goes retrograde, it is also a time for people to find out what is important for soul growth.  Reflection is something that needs to happen.  Individuals will have to think for themselves and not rely on others to tell them what to do.  Everyone has to pull their own weight.

Things have been promised and people shook hands on these promises. Much has been taken in good faith.  Others did not intend to be good on their word.   There is anger and people want to have their voices heard because of the betrayal.

There will be surprises and arguments in the way that people perceive authority figures.  Things will not be swept under the rug.   The Scorpio ascendant is showing that it this is the time to roll up the sleeves and prepare for hard work. No one is exempt from this although they may think differently.  The North Node at 5 Sagittarius and the South Node at 5 Gemini  is a short distance from the eclipse degree.  Things are pointing to integrity in all situations and people are not willing to settle.

There will be events during the year that will lead to a gentleman’s agreement and taking people for their word.  Watch the politicians shake hands on the news and their fingers crossed behind their backs.  The individuals that are not as good as their word will fall to the wayside and will lose their positions.  It is like a fall from grace.  I  think that those who have tried to avoid it will have to face the music because there is no escaping.  Deeds that have not been honorable will surface and there will be trials and court proceedings.

Surprises will come to those who may not expect it or they may not expect getting caught.  Either way, surprises will be coming from all directions.  The events from this eclipse will be watched very closely for the November elections.  The early bird catches the worm and the worm turns when it senses danger.  One can not be wishy-washy when it comes to making a decision.  A worm has to be stronger than that.  Do you know any?

May 20th is a wonderful time for communication because of  the Gemini Sun-Moon connection both in 0 Gemini.  You will hear many things but will need to decide for yourself if it is for the good of all or a few.

Mercury’s conjunction with Jupiter is a very good thing to occur.  It is a good time for being productive and completing the tasks that you consider to be for the highest good of all and pursuing and accomplishing the tasks.  Utilize the week of May 20th for getting those great ideas to the boss and make sure that you keep your great ideas to yourself.  Don’t share them with anyone else unless you know that you can trust them.  Everyone wants to get to the top.  Make sure you do it the right way.

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