Sun goes into Pisces

With the planets placed in areas of change, transformation and soul development, this week is just as important. With the Sun, processing into “dreamy” Pisces and leaving “cool and calculating” Aquarius, there is still time to dream of things to come.

The New Moon dashes in on Tuesday, (Mardi Gras/Fat Tuesday)  and it is a time for new beginnings.  Use this time for going within and finding ways to bring things to fruition.  Breaking bad habits and looking at novel ideas will lead to your “new day.”

If you were in a bad relationship or anything that has not been for your highest good, you may need to consider breaking away as opposed to letting things go on which would lead to more hurt and confusion.

This is a time to look at the patterns in your life and try to figure out where you are losing your power.  If there is someone who has tried to take your good away, made you feel that you are not worth anything, it is no longer acceptable.  With this being a spiritual awakening, it is time for you to think about what has happened to you within the last several years. You are moving away from a long slumber and you are coming into consciousness.

Consider this your “ah ha moment.” Are you at a place that makes you feel comfortable or do you feel forced into something that is not right for you?  Neptune and the Sun together, have a way of presenting a spiritual “looking glass” that not only shows your reflection, but also what is behind you.

There are events that have happened in the past and it is possible that you are now able to connect the dots. You will want to do something that is more positive for you.  You will find that you have the ability to move forward and do things that will bring you to your point of departure. These are new and exciting things for you because it is now your  time to shine! You have lots of creativity and now is the time to use it.  Do not hold back!

The moon is the timer and when the universal clock gives you the go ahead to complete a task you will know that the time is right.  When it is supposed to happen, nothing can keep it from happening.  When it is not supposed to happen, you can stand on your head and it never will happen.

Those born around February 19  to mid March will find themselves holding the looking glass. This is the time for lots of emotional work.  You will be able to dive in and find the solutions that are necessary for your spiritual growth and it will stretch you beyond your comfort zone.   You have to do this so that you will realize your own worth!  Much is coming your way and karma has a way of showing up and bringing things out. This could go back as far as 25 years ago.

Time shows no mercy for the things that need to be revealed.  Secrets are out!   People who have been unfair will find that time has caught up with them and the shoe is on the other foot.  Pay backs are tough.  What goes around comes around.  This is a universal truth.

The New Moon brings a wholeness to those who need to see it.  If you did not get that job for one reason or another, keep trying because this may be your time to shine.  Do not give up because it looks like your dreams could come true.

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