Taurus New Moon on April 21

Since the beginning of April most events have been exciting and fast paced.  Reflecting over the last few weeks you will find that it has gone faster than a locomotive.

There have been legal papers that were thrown into the mix, but events were handled at the right time and place.  Also, there were situations that should have been taken care of years ago but landed up in  court.  No matter what happened, karma has taken over.   “What goes around comes around.”

Now, take a deep breath because you are about to get ready for the last of April and the first part of May.  You will have the ability to push forward with a new found energy and nothing will stop you.  You have dodged bullets, went through mazes and met challenges at every turn.  You passed the test and now you will find yourself picking up on a different frequency. You intuition will be stronger and you have earned the golden ticket. Think of the competition and what you accomplished.  You will have surprises but you will be expecting most of them.  These surprises will come from other people and you called it.

Try for that job that you didn’t get because the person that got it is off doing something else.  As fate would have it, you will be able to complete your chosen course and go on with your plans that you had back in February.

During this week of April 22nd, be careful of Mercury squaring Pluto because there could be some unkind words within communication that would be sharp.  After it is said, you can’t take it back.  It can be  too late.

If you are not sure about the planets and their meanings just think about your high school mythology class and that within itself is a good beginning.  Make the right decisions and know that your angel coach is always watching.  Don’t be so hard on yourself this week because you have been through a lot.  It seems like the drama will be around for a little while.   You will not need to worry about it!


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