Think Back! It May be Worth the Degree!

May 20 is the Gemini Solar Eclipse.  The last time this happened was 19 years ago.  It was during the May 21 solar eclipse of 1993.  The solar eclipse usually takes place within the same degree every 19 years.  With this in mind, consider the possibilities of what happened then and what it could mean now.

What have you learned since May of 1993?  Think about what was going on at that time personally and globally.  Where were you and what were you doing?  Were you about to make some important discoveries or did you put something on the back burner?  What was going on in the news in 1993?  These are questions that you need to ask because they are pertinent now.

Whatever you decided at the time, it has brought you to your present. Your professional life also changed at that time and brought you to where you are now. You can also think about the knowledge and wisdom that you have gained.  You have grown into a spiritual consciousness and you are asking more questions now than you ever had.  You won’t accept things to be the same any longer because you are headed into parts unknown.  You have decided that there is more to life than what has been revealed.  You are growing and changing.  A transformation is headed your way.

My guess is many of you are embarking on a new course that you have thought about for a very long time and now you have the confidence to pursue this new chapter in your life.  Your intuition is increasing and has for several months.  If you have tried to make it go away, you may have found out that it was part of your creativity that was waiting to burst forth.  Your individuality is yours and yours alone.  Your hunches, or gut feelings, are stronger and you can pretty much “feel” when things are about to happen.  Keep a notebook and watch for things to unfold.  You have a “knowing” and it is what it is.

You probably have been trying many new things but you found that your inner consciousness was getting stronger.  You no longer view the world the way you once did and you have more questions concerning everything that you were taught.

Utilize the influence of this eclipse for your personal empowerment.  Gemini rules communication, and it is a time for you to think about your own thinking.  Metacognition is definitely a word that belongs to a Gemini.  If this is about the time of your birthday, you can expect some surprises and you need to consider your own cognitive powers.  You may be moving across several states but will be told soon enough!

You can count on learning some new things. You may decide to take those college classes that you put off because of the things that came up about 19 years ago.  Some of you may decide to take some classes while your own children go off to college.  There is no time like the present.

Whatever you decide to do, you may feel that the paleontology classes that you have wanted to take are  looking better all the time.  You are getting into your own thought processes and this is what Gemini is all about. Along with soul growth, you will find that this eclipse will be one that you won’t want to forget because it has taken 19 years for you to remember!

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