Will History Repeat Itself?

  Do you remember the events of  April of 2010?  There was an oil spill in the gulf and it presented a disaster.  There were many things that happened from the loss of sea creatures to the coast dying a slow death,  as if a black magic marker had outlined the  region.  Once again, things are setting themselves up for something to take place that is similar to that event.  We can only hope that we have learned from our past so that history will not repeat itself. At that time there seemed to be tragedy everywhere and  many creatures died.   If you remember it was a terrible time and many people wept as they saw the news.   There were several attempts to cap the oil so that it would not continue to spill over.  Let us hope that the event will never happen again.

Astrology also depicts history .  You can go back hundreds of years and find similarities of events because of the transits of planets.  An ephemeris would help greatly along with a good history book of facts.

With the sun in Pisces, it is a time for looking to the future with positive hope and realizing that compassion is something that people should have in their lives.  Compassion is a human emotion that is important for all to have and especially for animals.  How can you not have it for every living thing on this earth.





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